"Yoga is the stilling of the modifications of the mind."

-From the Yoga Sutras of Patanjani 1.2 and 1.3

Tranquility Yoga

235 Littleton Road, Unit 1
Westford, MA 01886


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If there is one thing I have learned in life, it is that nothing in life is permanent. Yet we all live our lives as if that is not true. A few years ago, when my dog Comet passed away, I wrote in a blog about an article that I read by Judith Lasater in which she said that she once saw some Tibetan monks making a very intricately designed sand mandala (a geometric design representing the entire universe). The monks spent months working on this project, arranging the sand grain by grain, and then when it was complete, they destroyed it. In fact, they celebrated destroying it, as they were celebrating impermanence in life.

Currently, I am going through another transition in life. After 20+ years of teaching Yoga, I have decided to retire from the Yoga teaching business. I may continue to see clients privately for Yoga Therapy, but in about a month or two, I will no longer be teaching Yoga classes.

This decision has been a long time coming, and I have been contemplating what to do about the business, as I feel like I did not spend the last 15 years building Tranquility Yoga in order to simply shut it down. To this end, I have been looking for a way to transition out of the business and continue to support our students.

As luck would have it (or perhaps it is the flow of Grace), the space across the lobby is about to be rented out to a Wellness Center, which provides a host of alternative healing therapies, as well as some gentle Yoga classes, and the owner is interested in expanding and taking over the space where Tranquility Yoga has been. She is very excited about this opportunity and would like to keep things consistent at Tranquility Yoga as much as possible. Our teachers, Phil, Brenda and Carol want to continue teaching Svaroopa Yoga there, and I have been meeting with the Wellness Center owner to see how this could work.

What does this mean for you, our students? For now, we are hoping that very little will change for you. We are currently working on a plan which would allow Phil, Brenda’s and Carol’s classes to continue as they have been. However, you may notice a few differences in the next month. In order to give the new owner time to put some systems in place, we are suspending the sale of multiple-class packages. This means that if you have a package, you can use it up, and then continue paying on a per-class basis ($22) until the new owner is set up (April 1). All classes purchased after today will be $22.00 until April 1, after which the owner will re-instate the class-package system you are familiar with, giving you the opportunity to receive discounts for multiple classes.

This transition for me is challenging, but also a cause for celebration. While I am sad to be giving up the business, I am also ready for a change and feeling excited about starting a new chapter in my life. To our students - I deeply appreciate all of you and your support, and I hope that you have come a little closer to finding your own true nature through attending our classes. And I am immensely grateful for the support of all the teachers (past and present) at Tranquility Yoga over the past 15 years. I could never have done this without you. May Grace be with all of you always.

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